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About International Health Partners

International Health Partners seeks to improve health care for the people of Tanzania by integrating medical knowledge, techniques, and best practices within the East African culture. We employ and train local health care professionals and rely on the generosity of others to build resource efficient facilities without sacrificing the care for our patients. Our organization has solely focused on improving healthcare in Tanzania for the past 10 years and currently operates the largest nursing school in the country and recently opened the doors to Phase 1 of a new pediatric AIDS hospital that will eventually serve as a training facility for pediatricians across Eastern Africa. 

IHP's model seeks to develop well-run facilities and provide the best care, at cost to our patients within the communities we serve. We welcome volunteers from all over the world who generously give their time to work with local people and make a meaningful difference in the world. We, and the children of Tanzania, appreciate your support.



Organization Details

International Health Partners is a non-governmental non-profit organization formed to facilitate partnerships from all over the world with Tanzania to improve health care. The IHP-US INC is a sister organization in the United States that helps raise funds. The IHP-TZ is an official NGO (non governmental international organization) in Tanzania that is on the ground working with the funds to develop the projects.

IHP-US is a 501c3 non-profit corporation registered with the State of Minnesota and prides itself on efficient use of donated funds, spending less than 5% of its funds on fund raising. The chart below shows where our money goes.

Articles of Incorporation